Have Your House And Eat Your Avocado Toast Too

So we all remember end of last year when social commentator Bernard Salt made an attack on our beloved smashed avo on toast.

Well now we Millennial’s can have the last laugh, as we can now have our house and eat our smash’d avo too. In what can be called the greatest marketing campaign targeting Millennials.

About a week ago Ray White real estate agent Cameron Crouch launched listings for several houses, with the standard features, bedrooms, bathrooms car parking etc. Except one extra benefit; free avocado toast for a year. 

These ads were originally posted on magazines and on the Ray White website, but as usual something of this calibre became viral over night, with 4 or of the original 6 listings already sold.

So why does the campaign work so well? Well it accomplishes three things,  accurate market targeting, taking advantage of opportunities and humour to bring a cohesive campaign together.

1. Targeting

Crouch, knew exactly what his target market was, and made sure his ads  and products aligned with the views of those customers and were relevant to them. He targeted only towards Millennials, which helped focus his advertising solely towards them. It helped him to identify their interests (smashed avocado) and create a marketing campaign around that.

Additionally, The rise of housing prices and the lack of house purchases by Millennials, makes it all the more harder to market houses towards Millennials. By making the prices more affordable from the outset, it’s more appealing, that combined with the “free avocado toast” headline it made the advert more specific and relevant to their target customers.

2. Opportunities

The campaign manages to capture a passing opportunity perfectly, as stated earlier, Bernard Salt slandered Millennials for being unable to afford houses due to spending $22 on smash’d avo toast (and being very promptly shut down by every Millennial). Without even mentioning the infamous quote, every person who views the ad knows exactly what the free avocado on toast is referring to, and is instantly intrigued by the listing, which generates interest in the ad.

It also manages to make the opportunity relevant, many brands and companies try to take advantage of an opportunity before even considering if it would align with their business goals, ideals or image. But for this opportunity it directly the housing industry, and their “response” to the quote by making avocado toast free upon purchase, makes the campaign all the more relevant.

3. Humour

Finally, the entire campaign is both absurd and humourous, which helps spread the virability of the entire campaign. Humour is one of the best methods to make a campaign go viral. The idea of free smash’d avo on toast is so absurd people can’t help but to want to share with their friends over social media. As each person shares to the next person it makes it go viral, increasing the success of the campaign and who doesn’t like the idea of saving $22 on avocado toast.

This entire campaign is a fantastic example of marketing, it’s targets their chosen market without being condescending or stereotypical (well in an inoffensive manner). Takes advantage of a recent opportunity that makes the adverts current, and uses humour to spread the campaign virally.

So go, live in that affordable house and enjoy your smash’d avo on toast.

Header Image Source: Myself – I just want people to know I spent a good chunk of my time making and editing that header image and I’m stupidly proud of it.


4 thoughts on “Have Your House And Eat Your Avocado Toast Too

  1. Ummm if I could afford a house right now I reckon I would buy this house for the free avo toast. I mean… who wouldn’t? It definitely uses humour, which I think is what made this advertisement so successful. Since this has come back into trend, more articles have surfaced about the pricing of Avo Toast. I can’t find the links to these articles but they do exist! This is also another great example of Viral marketing.


    • I think the ad stated specifically for young professionals so definitely people in their early 30’s who are still technically Millennials.
      I’m just hoping this becomes a trend and all houses in the future start coming with free avocado toast haha.


  2. I love this ad! It’s different, engaging, fun and is based on my favourite food craze smashed avo!!! Definitely a great ad that will target young adults trying to enter into the property market! It also takes the pressure off the seriousness of buying a house. This will appeal to younger buyers which leading to more interest in that property.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Definitely! I really love how well integrated everything is, they managed to target millennials perfectly without being condescending and using the type of tongue in cheek humour to appeal to everyone. It’s definitely a good example of how to market to millennials.


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