Tarantula’s and Social Media?

Huge, black, hairy, scary and particularly repulsive. These are words used to describe the tarantula. With such harrowing words thrown around who could possibly love the tarantula?

Well in an episode of My Brother, My Brother and Me – Tarantulas & Travis did a Hit, the three McElroy brothers try their best to rebrand the humble tarantula, dubbed “Rancho”, in hopes that a viewer’s wife will allow him to own one.

The entire video is an amusing take on how we (future) marketers work, and is definitely worth a watch even if the video is pushing 30 minutes long. But the most interesting part of the video is around the 6-minute mark where the brothers visit an actual marketer and ask these questions:

“What would you advise on the cheap we could do [to reach a large audience]?”

“We’re looking for the most efficient way to get our message in front of as many heads as possible in like an hour.”

The response from the marketer? “start a Facebook page.”

So is social media really the answer?

According to the 2016 Sensis report currently, 69% of Australians use a social network site and of those people 95% own a Facebook account and 79% of large business use social media.

69 percent of Aussies are on social media

With a click of a button we can easily make a group dedicated to the things we like, and for businesses; promoting new products to a much larger reach of people.

However, of these groups and pages how many actually reach their intended audience?

It may be easy to create a Facebook page, Instagram or twitter, but it does not mean instantaneous success. Various smaller business’ social media pages have only a few thousand likes/follows and often times businesses need to dedicate significant time, energy and resources into maintaining these social media accounts for a low payout.

Adding on to that while it was found that Facebook influenced 52% of a consumer’s offline and online purchases in 2015, a like or a view on a picture or video does not mean the consumer will purchase the item. In the case of the My Brother, My Brother and Me episode, the Facebook page the brothers created currently has 13,000+ likes, but of those people how many actually like Ranchos and how many are in it for a joke. So while it may be easy and cheap to create a Facebook page, gathering a large audience and influencing their purchasing decisions is much harder and often a long and arduous process.

Ultimately, the brothers fail in their endeavour to convince Dan’s wife to have a pet tarantula, but the video raises some interesting topics about marketing and social media.

So I ask you all, is social media the best way to reach a large audience? And most importantly, can tarantulas be loved?

A preview for next week’s blog (hopefully before Saturday):

Unsociable Social Media: cyber-bullying from big brands?

3 thoughts on “Tarantula’s and Social Media?

  1. I reckon social media is definitely a good place to start to reach people. Your statistics demonstrate a large population of Aussies using social media so any message would definitely reach a large audience! I don’t know about loving a tarantulas… My instinct when I see tarantulas isn’t “OMG HOW CUTE” … it’s “fuck we gotta move houses now”.


    • That’s true a lot of people are online now, and social media is a good start to interacting with customers and other people. But for many start-up companies and small business how many people are actually are actually paying attention or following them? Some brands only have a few hundred likes, i’ve been on tumblr for about 5 years and I only have 50ish followers lol. I might do a follow up post in a few weeks about how brands can use social media effective to increase their customer base.
      I’m the same about tarantulas but after watching the video i’m like hmmm maybe tarantula’s aren’t that bad.


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